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Fint a Therapist
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Becoming an RMT

The short answer

  • Enroll at a school of massage therapy offers a full course in compliance with the National Canadian Interjurisdictional Standards of MassgeTherapy.
  • Become a Student member of NBMA-AMNB and attend regional meetings to learn and to network with practicing RMTs.
  • Graduate, and successfully complete the standardized OSCE and MCQ exams given by the College of Massage Therapy of New Brunswick (CMTNB) and join the CMTNB as a member in good standing.
  • join NBMA-AMNB.

The full answer

  • Do you want to work with people?
  • Do you want to work to help people heal and relieve their pains?
  • Are you honest? physically strong?
  • What types of pain have you experienced?
  • Are you prepared to study continuously for your entire professional life?
Membership & Insurance Fees

* Welcome to new graduates in massage therapy! A $ 100 credit for your first registration in NBMA.
Name registered with NBMA-AMNB