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Please direct any query, complaint or report to the Registrar, College of Massage Therapy of New Brunswick.

 What is a complaint?

A complaint is any written, signed report or allegation, regarding the conduct, competence or health of Registered Massage Therapist [RMT].  Any person, including a RMT’s supervisor, a co-worker, another health care professional, or a member of the public such as a client or family member, may make a complaint.  Complaints lodged are usually of a very serious nature, such as substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse of clients and incompetence.

Mandatory reporting

Please direct any report to the Registrar of the College of Massage Therapy of New Brunswick (CMTNB).

Any RMT who has reason to believe that another RMT is unable to function safely to such an extent that the welfare of clients is jeopardized, is obligated to lodge a complaint with the CMTNB and with the Association, if any , to which that other RMT belongs.  Employers who dismiss an RMT for reasons of incompetence or incapacity are obligated to report that RMT to the CMTNB. In fact, failure to report is considered to be professional misconduct.

  • Mandatory reporting on sexual abuse:  Provincial legislation imposes a legal obligation on health care professionals, including RMTs, to report incidents of sexual abuse.  Health care professionals who have reason to believe that another health care professional has sexually abused a client must report that person to their association within 21 days.  Sexual abuse is defined as:
    • sexual intercourse or other forms of physical sexual relations between the member and the client,
    • touching, of a sexual nature, of the client by the RMT, or
    • behaviour or remarks of a sexual nature by the RMT towards the client.

Lodging a complaint

If you wish to lodge a complaint, please contact the Registrar of the CMTNB for information on procedure and course of action.



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