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Mission, Vision and Value

The mission of the NBMA-AMNB

The New Brunswick Massotherapy Association – l’Association de massothérapie du Nouveau Brunswick (NBMA-AMNB) provides support and professional development for its members, protection of the public, and in cooperation with other health-care professionals contributes meaningfully to the wellness of the public.

The vision of the NBMA-AMNB

Members of the NBMA-AMNB will have access to and be encouraged to participate in professional and management training for the development of the massage therapy profession.
The NBMA-AMNB will provide the highest level of competency and professionalism in massage therapy.
Members of the NBMA-AMNB will have a favourable impact on the New Brunswick economy by promoting enhanced health through massage therapy.

In pursuing our mission and our vision we:

Recognize and support our members and staff in their commitment to the well being of the public and that their diversity of skills and knowledge are essential to our success.
Value the professionalism of our members which contributes to the benefit of those receiving massage therapy.
Promote and encourage ongoing professional development as an essential component of membership.

Membership & Insurance Fees

* Welcome to new graduates in massage therapy! A $ 100 credit for your first registration in NBMA.

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