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Major insurance companies recognize all members of the NBMA as health care providers. The members of the association have a longstanding reputation of providing quality care in a professional manner.

The New Brunswick Massotherapy Association has been representing massage therapists in the province of New Brunswick for more than 12 years. It is the only bilingual association in the province, and as such represents registered massage therapists in all regions of New Brunswick.

Its over 200 members are also part of the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance, the only national body that represents professional massage therapists in Canada.

Membership in the association is currently limited to graduates of an accredited 2,200-hour program. Applicants for membership must successfully complete entrance exams administered by the association.

The association provides the following benefits:

  • liability insurance at discounted rates
  • strict code of ethics
  • membership in the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance
  • requirements for continuing education
  • dispute resolution mechanism to respond to complaints from the public
  • regular general meetings to allow for dynamic involvement from the membership
  • elected board of governors and executive committee
  • student membership at reduced rates
  • bilingual (French English) services
Membership & Insurance Fees

* Welcome to new graduates in massage therapy! A $ 100 credit for your first registration in NBMA.

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